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Flower pots will not beautify

Taking a chance:A corporation worker waters the flower pots kept on the median on Anna Nagar Link Road in Tiruchi.Photo: M. SrinathM_SRINATH

The recent initiative of the Tiruchi Corporation on placing potted saplings along the central medians has raised questions on the sustainability of the move.

As a part of the initiative, the civic body recently bought 1,000 flowering plants with plastic pots and placed them at intervals on the central medians. The central medians on Anna Nagar Link Road and Airport Road were among the roads, where saplings were placed. Pots were also placed around some of the roundabouts, including MGR statue roundabout. It was reasoned that it was aimed at beautifying the city.

Ever since they were placed about two months ago, the workers deputed by the Tiruchi Corporation have been watering them regularly.

Though a section of residents have welcomed the move, there are differing voices too. Some critics say that it is a futile exercise with money being wasted. It will in no way help the Corporation to add beauty to the city, they point out.

Citing a similar failed initiative by the Chennai Corporation, a senior official of the Central government, who was recently posted in Tiruchi from Chennai said that it was praiseworthy to note the green initiative of the Tiruchi Corporation. But, it should have opted for devising a plan of action by planting tree saplings with iron guard. This would help the civic body to sustain at least 30 to 50% of the plants. The civic body should have also involved interested groups and environmentalists to grow the plants by fixing responsibilities.

“It is not a sustainable model as it is difficult to safeguard the movable flower pots from anti-social elements. Instead the Tiruchi Corporation can involve interested social groups and forums to sponsor tree plantation or landscaping on central medians by instituting greenery awards for best performances,” the official said.


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