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Farmers begin planting nendran saplings

Banana saplings planted in Thiruvalarcholai near Tiruchi on Thursday.Photo: M. SrinathM_SRINATH

This banana variety will be cultivated in about 1,000 hectares
About 1,000 hectares is expected to be brought under nendran banana cultivation in Tiruchi district this season.

According to sources in the Horticulture Department, planting of nendran saplings has already begun in various parts of the district including Kuzhumani, Allur, Sirugamani, Perugamani, Kondayampettai, Thiruvalarcholai, Panaiyapuram, Uthamarseeli, Thottiam, Nochiam, Mannachanallur and Vathalai.

The farmers, who have lands with pump sets along the banks of Cauvery from Kulithalai to Kallanai, have taken a lead in bringing their fields under nendran cultivation. A section of farmers, who have planned to raise nendran variety, which is a most sought after in Kerala, on lands taken on lease, are expected to begin the process of planting of saplings soon.

They will have to enter into an understanding with pump set farmers for irrigation. Ruling out the possibilities for bringing more areas under nendran cultivation this year, Deputy Director of Horticulture R. Krishnamoorthy told The Hindu that the groundwater table along the “nendran corridor” in Andhanallur and Manikandam blocks was not up to the mark. It had been termed as “precarious” due to the failure of North East monsoon in November and December. Farmers would have to work in tandem by forming clusters to irrigate their fields by tapping groundwater with pump sets until the opening of Mettur dam for irrigation.

Expressing hope for achieving the target this year too, Mr. Krishnamoorthy said that the field reports had indicated that planting of saplings had gained momentum in the district. The target would be achieved within second or third week of May.

More areas cannot be brought under nendran cultivation this year as the groundwater table in Andhanallur and Manikandam blocks is not up to the mark

R. Krishnamoorthy

Deputy Director of Horticulture

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