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Emergency medical centres a hit in 6 stations of Trichy railway division

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Round-the-clock emergency medical care centres established at six railway stations including Trichy junction of the Trichy railway division to provide timely medical help, especially during the golden hour, have been well-received by the passengers. Around 15,000 commuters including senior citizens, children and women have so far been provided aid in the last few years.
Since Trichy railway junction is a major hub for transit in southern railway, medical care at the stations is a very useful facility for commuters in an emergency situation while travelling, a senior official of the division said. To avoid exigencies, six emergency medical care centres have been functioning at Trichy, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam and Tiruvarur. Railways provide the space free of cost to the corporate hospital which can set up the facilities. In return, primary healthcare service is provided by them to railway passengers free of cost. Kavery Hospitals and Meenakshi Hospital have been involved with Southern Railway in this programme.

The facility which has been established at the main entrance of Trichy and first platforms in the remaining stations ensures free medical treatment to passengers during an emergency. The facility includes round-the-clock emergency medical care and first aid as well as free ambulance facility to transport passengers to nearby hospitals for further treatment.
Physicians and nurses are stationed 24x7 at these centres which have equipment like defibrillator to resuscitate, nebuliser and stretcher. Cases of heart attack, breathlessness and injuries suffered while boarding or alighting from trains among other things are attended to. It is not compulsory that the patient need to be taken to a corporate hospital.
“During emergency, relatives or co-passengers can provide a cup of water to the needy passenger at most or first aid as much as they can. If the passenger is a heart patient, such types of emergency medical assistance will be very helpful”, general secretary of Train Traveller’s Association, M Lourduraj, said. He said that railways should establish such centre at all stations as aged commuters largely benefited from them.
A duty doctor stationed at Trichy medical emergency centre, P K Laxmipriya, said it was advisable that aged people did not travel alone. It would help them in emergency situations. “Since most of the cases we usually attend to are fever, stomach pain and vomiting, passengers should take precautionary measures according to their body and health condition. Senior citizens must travel accompanied by someone”, she opined.


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