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Create opportunities for students to become leaders

Prof. Furqan Qamar ,Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities, addressing a meeting at National Institute of Technology in Tiruchi on Tuesday.Photo: M. MoorthyM_Moorthy

Expansion, inclusion and excellence are the three parameters determining the quality of higher education institutions, Furqan Qamar, Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), said on Monday.

Institutions should provide a good learning environment and create more opportunities for the students to become leaders, Dr. Furqan said addressing the Institute Day celebrations at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchi (NITT).

Elaborating on the challenges faced by higher educational institutions, he observed that “being good locally is not enough at the global level.” On institutional leadership, he said the duty of a leader is to to acknowledge everyone's contribution towards progress.

Expanding higher education system so as to meet the demand of the entire population, an atmosphere of freedom, and ensuring equity constitute the three primary goals for nation-building, said Dr. Furqan.

Though India has more than 40,000 institutions, they are unequally distributed. More institutions are required to set right the regional imbalance, Dr. Furqan said. The practice of compromising quality for quantity has to end, he said, specifying the need for increasing funding and posting quality faculty to ensure global competitiveness.

Presiding over the function, Director of NITT Mini Shaji Thomas said the institute was planning to introduce an inter-departmental ranking system to promote a healthy challenge in pursuit of world class status.

Academic toppers of all departments were honoured with prizes on the occasion. Faculty members were recognised on the basis of excellence of their research publications, research citations, sponsored research projects, and contribution to the patent filing.


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