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Class XII results may be delayed, says TNPGTA members

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The publishing of Class XII state board results may be delayed if the government doesn’t address the pay anomalies of the post graduate teachers, said Tamil Nadu Post Graduate Teachers Association (TNPGTA) members here on Sunday.
During the TNPGTA general body meeting, the members also said that they would be boycotting the evaluation of papers soon and observe sitting protest if the government does not hold talks with them immediately.
The members of the association claimed that the pay of post graduate teachers was less than that of the graduate teachers in many instances and demanded the government to take immediate measures for the evaluation process to run smoothly.
The evaluation of Class XII papers had started on April 11 and the association has not been fully cooperative and it has been said that as a mark of dissent they have been correcting approximately only half the number of exam papers than they are supposed to.
The Trichy district president of TNPGTA, A Venkatesan, claimed that the pay gap between high school and higher secondary school teachers was approximately Rs 3,000 in few cases. “Though the qualification of high school teachers is less than that of ours, the pay for them is more in several cases. We’ve been taking this issue to the government for almost eight years now, but we have not gotten any solution yet,” Venkatesan told TOI.
The district president said that if government doesn’t hold discussions immediately, they would intensify the protest. “For the past couple of days, we have been only evaluating half the number of papers, but if there is no positive development, then we would boycott the process and observe sitting protest,” he said.
Apart from this, six other resolutions, including conducting only one exam each for English and Tamil papers respectively, instead of two papers, were also discussed.
The result of Class XII board examinations is scheduled to be published on May 16.
The state president of TNPGTA, V Manivasagan, was also present at the meeting.


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