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Let's unite to make city cleanest: Annadurai

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THE TIRUCHY Corporation's new-est brand ambassador for Swachh Bharat Mission, ISRO scientist Dr Mylswamy Annadurai called for people's involvement to improve to the city as a centre of cleanliness in India on Saturday. Dr Annadurai stated that cleanliness is a joint responsibility of the public and the civic body. He quoted that he wished to award the cleanest ward through satellite missions in the future similar to the Union government awarding the cleanest urban local body in the country While questioned about the feasibility and viability of the ideas, the director of ISRO Satellite Centre located in Bangalore stated, "There are dedicated satellites launched by our space organisation like the CARTOSAT series which has been used for earth observation. Through them, we can navigate through the streets and map the conditions in Tiruchy." At the function in the city Hello FM's RJ Diary Saha said that people should revere cleanliness as much as they take pride in mother-hood. The dignitaries on stage re-leased a new anthem for 'Clean Trichy' titled 'Vas, Vaa, Ilaignane, Tiruchyin Pudhalvane' written and composed by music composer James Vasanthan which is sung by singers from the reality show, Vi-

ISRO scientist Mylsamy Annadurai (right) releasing the deanliness anthem I EXPRESS jay TV Super Singers. Saha added that youngers' contribution is vital in a combined effort to keep the city clean. Tiruchy Police Commis-sioner A Amalraj spoke about peoples' movements and conservation of water sources through cleanli-ness in the city. District Collector K Rajamani mentioned that bags made out of polythene and plastic bag materi-als are effectively banned from the Republic Day next year. The city Corporation Commissioner stated that more than !91 latch had been distributed among sanitary workers after collecting around 4380 tonnes of solid waste in the past seven months. The dignitaries distributed awards to Apollo Hospital, St Philomena Girls Higher Second-ary School, Hotel Breeze Residen-cy and Vignesh Arunodaya Resi-dential Association as Swachh Hospital, Swachh School, Swachh Hotel and Swachh Residential As-
`Next mission will be milestone'
"OUR upcoming moon mission, which is expected to be launched in March 2018 will analyse the ground conditions on lunar surface using our rover. That will hopefully lay the foundation stone for manned moon landings" said Dr Mylswamy Annadurai speaking to Express during his visit to Tiruchy on Saturday Chan-drayaan-2 mission launched by ISRO will have an orbiter, a Lander and a rover in comparison to Chandrayaan-1, launched in 2008 which had only an orbiter. The countdown is yet to start as the final preparations are underway Several theories have been doing rounds about manned missions to moon since the NASA released a picture of Buzz Aldrin saluting the American Flag in 1969 and US 'dis-continued' its moon landings after 1972. Many have questioned the wav-ing flag in the NASA picture. Flags cannot wave as the moon has a hos-tile atmosphere, they say. When asked about India's stand, Dr Annadurai said, "We (ISRO) have always strongly believed that moon landings were real. There are factors such as the inertia applied to the flag by the two astronauts and the fractional gravity of the moon, that could have led to the movement of the flag." The moon's gravity is lesser
compared to the earth. He stated that ISRO would be doing simulations for manned moon landings in near fu-ture after seeing results of Chandrayaan - 2. Dr Annadurai held back on when the mission would be launched along with the geographical position of the landing of the lander. "We are hoping to optimise the cost like we did for Mangalyaan. The rover is expected to spend at least ten days. The rover will collect the data from the lunar sur-face and will transfer the data to our mission control centre before ceasing operations".
'Concentrate on what you want to attain in life' Annadurai gave a lecture at a private civil services coaching academy by saying 'Kanavu Seyalpadavendum ' (Dreams must become action) and advised the students to concentrate on what they want to attain in life. Dr Annadurai recalled his childhood when he was a student living a normal life at a village with very less facilities. "My village did not have basic amenities, not even a proper tarred road. Yet, my friends and i used to play using clay to make moulds out of the moon, earth, and other small celestial objects. After that, we would plant a tiny Indian flag on the moon?
source : epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/24977812 

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