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Hands-on exposure must for students

Image result for NIT Preparing the students for 21st Century System Design Challenges’

The hands-on approach allows students to apply knowledge to cutting-edge research. Similarly, the use of instrumentation and embedded technology in the classroom also prepares students to tackle problems in areas as varied as agriculture, automation and mechatronics, said Bhavesh Mistry, Senior Group Manager, Academic Programmes, National Instruments, Austin, Texas, the USA, on Monday. Interacting with National Institute of Technology - Tiruchi (NIT-T), he said the next generation of engineers will have to work at the convergence of electrical, mechanical and control systems that will enable advanced applications across areas like cyber-physical systems, automotive and wireless communications as well as address the urgent societal needs in healthcare and the environment.

In a talk on ‘Preparing the students for 21st Century System Design Challenges’, Mr. Mistry said it was critical to provide the students with hands-on, project-based learning to build skills that will play a role in India’s industrial future.

Experiences in the teaching laboratory from basic concepts to complex systems will ensure they understand how to design engineering systems that can have a true impact across various areas, he said.

Mini Shaji Thomas, Director, NITT, also spoke.


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