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Absence of coach indication boards irks passengers

Absence of coach indication boards on platform 2 and 3 where long distance trains such as the Chennai-bound Guruvayur Express halt forces passengers to rush towards their coaches upon arrival of the train.

Senior citizens, pregnant women and those carrying kids are badly affected as the train halts only for a minute.

Lack of shelter in substantial portion is also causing hardship to passengers. Though there is a shelter, it covers some portion of the equally lengthy platform 2 and 3 where trains with over 20 coaches are accommodated. Lack of shelter in the remaining portion forces passengers to take refuge under the existing ones.

The stone benches installed on the uncovered portion of the platform remains unused as passengers have to sit under the scorching sun.

At present, platform 1 at the station where major trains including the Pallavan and the Rockfort superfast trains are accommodated has coach indication boards.

Passengers feel that Guruyavur Express which reaches Srirangam in the afternoon could be accommodated on platform 1 like other long distance trains keeping in mind the lack of coach indication boards on platform 2.

Coach indication boards make it easier for passengers to take position ahead of the arrival of the train at the specified spot instead of having to virtually gallop along with their belongings after arrival of the train.

Classified as ‘D’ category, Srirangam station where halt is given for some trains during Vaikunta Ekadasi festival in view of huge flow of devotees requires basic facilities like coach indication boards covering platforms 2 and 3 and shelter in the uncovered portion, say passengers.

“Srirangam station could be taken up as a special case for providing coach indication boards and shelter in the uncovered areas in platforms 2 and 3,” says C.S. Ananthakrishnan, a resident of Srirangam.

Since a lot of senior citizens board from Srirangam station, provision of these facilities would help them, says Mr. Ananthakrishnan who travels to Chennai and Tirupathi often.

Railways should not restrict in augmenting facilities at Srirangam citing the ‘D’ category status with provision of minimum amenities, feel passengers.


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