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Work begins on parking lot at Tiruchy junction

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WORK on construction of a en-closed parking lot at Tiruchy junction began on Wednesday,
with the contractor clearing vegetation at the site. A 9000 square metre parking area is being
readied in response to persistent demand from several quarters. Since the existing con-tract period expired over a month ago, parking was unmanned and at own-ers' risk.

A senior railway of-ficial said, "A month ago, the tenure of the previous contractor expired and fresh tenders were floated for construction of a new facility with shelter. Exclusive parking lots for
employees and for the public who come to pick and drop the rail passengers, who only need
to park for a short while, are being readied." The existing parking area is not secure for the vehicles and is low lying. The parking area turns slushy whenever it rains and difficult for passengers to
move around. The new parking space is being levelled with gravel. Railway officials have also drawn out plans to develop Kallukuzhi side and the Goods Yard area of the railways to facilitate parking, even for heavy vehicles.
According to officials, a total of 2600 square metres was only available in front of the station. this
area would be spruced up as part of revamp-ing the parking areas here.
On an average,
Tiruchy Railway junction receives at least 30000 passengers daily, as several trains, including 150 Express and Passenger trains, to central and southern regions pass through the junction. The ticket counters buzz throughout the day with long queues The passengers rushing to get tickets for the next available train mostly park their vehicles in the available space in a hap-hazard manner
source: new ind ianexpress . com//c/24311

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