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Uncovered manholes on busy roads a nightmare

No caution boards have been placed to warn pedestrians or two-wheeler riders

An uncovered underground manhole located on the middle of a road at Malaiappa Nagar in Rail Nagar has been posing a grave threat to motorists.

Not even a single day passes without two-wheeler riders falling down on the Kamarajar Street while negotiating the manhole.

A few days ago a car was caught in the manhole as the front wheel got stuck in it. The car was retrieved after an hour with the help of about 10 passers-by and local residents.

A few meters away from the manhole, there is one more uncovered manhole giving nightmare to the vehicle users, passers-by and local residents.

In addition to them, there are two more damaged manholes on the neighbouring Anna Street.

Said to have been damaged about four months ago, the manholes measuring about 5 square feet each have remained uncovered for long. No red flag or warning sign has been placed on the road in order to warn pedestrians or motorists.

Residents say that they have made several complaints about the manholes on several occasions, but officials have been slow to respond.

“At least three to four motorists fall in the manhole daily. The motorists, who are unfamiliar about the road, often become victims,” says A. Selvaraj of Kamarajar road in Malaiappa Nagar.

Recollecting recent incidents, he said that more than 10 passers-by had fallen down on a recent rainy day. They were unaware of the uncovered manholes as the street was flooded with rain water.

Another resident said that Malaiappa Nagar has become a busy locality with cars, motor bikes and auto rickshaws using the stretch during day time. A large number of students travelling in auto rickshaws use the roads to go to schools. “It is high time the corporation authorities visit the spot and solve the issue,” he added.


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