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Trichy firm fabricates vital part for thermal plant

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A private heavy engineering firm in Trichy has successfully managed to fabricate a Flue Gas Resuction Duct Opening (FGR), a component that will be used in constructing thermal power plants. The order was executed for BHEL for a power plant contract. The indigenous fabricated component was said to be made for the time in the state without the technical support from industries based abroad.
According to Velmurugan Heavy Engineering Private Limited situated along Trichy-Thanjavur highways near BHEL, engineers from BHEL and Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) guided them to fabricate the component that plays a crucial role in conveying exhaust gas from fireplace to chimney in a thermal power plant.
Officials said that an engineering industry based at Trichy, fabricating critical components such as FGR would save the cost spent by BHEL in procuring similar components from fabrication industries located far away.

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