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Traffic diversion for Vaikunda Ekadesi on Dec 28 and 29

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Trichy city will witness major traffic diversion for the two days - December 28 and 29 for Vaikunta Ekadesi festival in Srirangam Ranganathar temple. The city police have devised a major traffic diversion plan to ensure free movement of vehicles. The traffic diversion will be in force from 08 pm on December 28 to 02 pm on December 29.
The buses plying from Central bus stand and Chathiram bus station to Srirangam will reach Srirangam bus station through Anna statue, Odathurai bridge, National highways, Y road, Check post No. 06, Panjakarai road, Nelson road, Singaperumalkovil bus stop and will return through Amma mandapam, Mambalasali, Anna statue to reach Chathiram bus station.
The buses proceeding to Lalgudi and Mannachanallur will have to take a diversion from Odathuraibridge and reach Kollidam bridge via national highways. On return, the buses will move through Kollidam bridge - Panjakarai road, Nelson road, Singaperumal kovil bus stop, Gandhi road, Srirangam bus stand, Amma mandapam, Mambalasalai, Anna statue and Chathiram bus stand.
The traffic diversion plan won't affect the regular route of the buses proceeding to Perambalur, Ariyalur, Thuraiyur and Cuddalore.
The vehicles of VIPs should be parked in West chithrai street after entering Srirangam via Anna statue, Mambalasalai, Ammamandapam road, Ragavendra arch, Beat 42, Thiruvallur street. And same route for return as well.
Vehicles with pass should park their vehicles in North chithrai street after reaching Srirangam through Odathurai road, National highways, Y road junction, Check post 6, Panjakarai road and North mottaigopuram. They have to exit from Srirangam through Moola thoppu, Ragavendra arch, Amma mandapam, Mambalasalai and Cauvery bridge.
Tourist buses from Karur route without vehicle passes should park their vehicles in National college higher secondary school ground by reaching the spot through check post number 7, Anbilar statue junction and Anna statue. They will return on the same route.

Cars and vans from Karur, Madurai, Pudukkottai and Thanjavur without passes will be parking their vehicles in Moolathoppu and Muthunagar parking lots. Tourist buses from Madurai, Pudukkottai and Thanjavur will be parked in a lot opposite Yatri Nivas which is the parking space for tourist buses from Chennai, Salem and Ariyalur also. The cars and buses from the three districts should be parked at Moolathoppu parking.
Senior citizens and differently-abled people can reach up to East chithirai street by the vehicles through Thiruvanaikovil junction, Gandhi road, Devi theatre junction, North devi road. For the return trip, they will take North devi road, South devi road, Veereswaram, Ammamandapam road and Mambalasalai.
The residents of Uthirastreet in Srirangam have to park their vehicles in West chithirai street on December 28 and 29.
The heavy vehicles entering Trichy will also face the traffic diversion.

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