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Silt cleared from canals, but dumped on roadside

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In the last few weeks, complaints have been on the rise among locals against sanitary workers who clear the drainage canals along arterial roads but leave the silt on road for hours and days before it is cleared by a separate team of sanitary workers. This, say residents, is affecting vehicular traffic in the respective streets till it is cleared.

Corporation sources said that about 40 per cent of the city has access to the underground drainage system (UGDS) and the second phase works are underway to extend coverage to 65 per cent of the city. Since the localities that do not have UGDS rely on open drainage canals along arterial roads to drain surplus water during the monsoon, drainage canals often clog owing to lack of support from the public who dump solid waste including plastic products in the drainage canals.
This has often led to frequent clogging of drains in Thillai Nagar and Cantonment localities. Though sanitary workers rush to clear the clogged drainage canals, another problem arises when the silt is kept on the road and close to the drainage canal, giving a tough time for commuters and residents. "A few days back sanitary workers cleared a drainage canal to ensure free flow of the waste water. Instead of carrying the removed silt along, the mounts of waste comprising solid waste were placed on the road. It was left there for a day," S Thomas, a resident of Thillai Nagar told TOI.
Not just Thillai Nagar, but similar complaints were raised by residents from Vayalur road and also in the cramped Kalla Street near Big Bazaar Street. Even though the intention to clear the drainage canals was praised by locals, residents said that the silts in wet condition when placed on the roads hinder motorable space besides making the neighbourhood stink.
Even the occurrences of silt being placed on roads by sanitary workers were reported in Cantonment and among a few localities covered under UGDS. When contacted, an official with urban local body said, "Since the silts are wet, sanitary workers might have kept the collected silt for some time to make it dry before disposal. Appropriate disposal of silts will be ensured."


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