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Fine arts students beautify walls at railway junctions

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Walls of the waiting halls in Trichy railway division are getting a colourful makeover as the authorities have taken an initiative to make the commuters feel good during their brief halt at railway junctions and stations. More than 15 students of Fine Arts College in Kumbakonam will be participating in this project.
Waiting halls at platform 1 in Trichy railway junction are getting swanky walls with beautiful paintings, sporting a very welcoming environment.

Around 15 students from the college are busy with making varieties of paintings reflecting tradition, culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu. Modern art, realistic and folk depictions and murals will also be a part of the series on the walls.
Under the guidance of S Devanath, principal of the college, the students are presenting the images of Boom Boom Madu, images from Chidambaram Nataraja temple, Thanjavur paintings, Kerala's Theyyam and Sabtha Nathigal on the walls, said a faculty member of the college.
The railway junction is witnessing thousands of commuters from across the country. "When a commuter from north India arrives at the railway junction, these paintings would convey our tradition, culture to them," C Joel, a third-year student of the college said.
The same group of students had also given a facelift to the walls of Golden Rock railway station with several paintings.


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