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390 ‘unsafe’ buildings in city to be razed

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As many as 390 buildings identified as unsafe for people to occupy are facing the prospects of being pulled down by the Urban Local Body (ULB). In a survey carried out by civic body officials across the four city zones a month ago, these buildings were found unstable and identified as unsteady structures in facing squally weather. Corporation officials claimed that despite earmarking the weak structures and even alerting the owners and tenants of such buildings, people were not cooperative with regard to their demolition.
It was the collapse of a multi-storey building on East Boulevard road on September 3 killing four people that forced Trichy Corporation to go for the survey across the 65 wards to identify weak structures. Since the government buildings would be taken care of by the respective department, the ULB focused only on residential and commercial buildings. On completing the survey, the corporation found 398 buildings unsafe for occupation, of which seven were voluntarily demolished by the owners while a decades-old building near West Boulevard road was demolished by the corporation recently. "For the past two weeks we have been repeatedly insisting that the occupants of identified weak structures move out but they resisted it claiming that their building is safe. We will monitor such dilapidated buildings to a certain extent, and then bring them down," a senior corporation official told TOI.
A majority of the buildings identified as weak is used as residential complex which shares walls with a couple of buildings. In such cases, there were chances of the building collapsing during heavy rainfall or even a construction work near the weak site as the latter's base would get weakened further. "People should be more responsible. Awareness is lagging among residents particularly among those residing in closely packed localities. As we had served notice a couple of weeks ago, we believe the individuals themselves would demolish the weak buildings," the official added.
On an average, the 390 identified weak structures that are to be demolished are 50-60 year old and were found to be built when the city was a municipality.


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