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Work on base of rajagopuram of Samayapuram temple complete

CONSTRUCTION of the base of the Rajagopuram of the Sri Mariamman temple in Samayapuram, which began in 2015, was completed recently. The seven-stage tower, which is a crowd-funded project, is expected to be completed by December 2018. The temple is one of the renowned temples in the district with at least 10,000 visitors on normal days and more than fifty thousand during special occasions. Despite the massive count of visitors, several infra-structure developments are being carried out at the temple, the rajagopuram being the special one built att the Eastern entrance. Experienced stapa-this have been commissioned to build the tower.

Senior project officer from Samayapuram temple, said, "We had started constructing a Raja Gopuram in Sa-mayapuram Mariamman temple in 2015. The tower is designed to have seven stories, excluding the base entrance and Kalasam (the Top portion of the tower). The massive structure was carefully planned and is being constructed at present. Since the whole tower is being constructed using public funding, the works are slow Recently, we have completed the base entrance and started with the first stage of the tow-er." He added that the construction is to be completed by the December next year or latest by January 2019. Further, he stated that the project is estimated to be the completed under r2 two crore.
source: epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/24073364 
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