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With no feeders, Gundur lake remains dry

DUE to the lack of proper maintenance work at the Gundur lake despite adequate rainfall in surrounding areas, the 365-acre water body is still in a parched state. With the lake a major water source for about 750 acres of farm-land, farmers on their own initiative started dredging the lake in August but failed to complete the work by monsoon. Because of this, the lake could not store rain-water leaving it parched and farmers facing difficulties in accessing water for farming.

The government had assured all ponds and lakes in the State would be dredged ahead of the monsoon season to allow water to be stored for future requirements. As the central districts faced immense drought in past years and as dredging was taking place at snail's pace, farmers decided to do the work themselves. While some water storage was enabled in some areas, other parts have to do without. Farmers said the government should have taken proper steps to complete the work for lakes and ponds to have enough water for a successful harvest..

Thirisangu, a former village leader and social activist from Gundur village of Tiruchy, said, "The lake is spread across about 375 acres in the village and has to be filled only through rainwater which arrives from Kumaramangalam, Mathur and Mandaiur villages. Apart from this, there are no other water sources for the lake. It is a major source of irrigation for farmers but since the lake has not been maintained for more than 10 years, it has failed to store rainwater." He added a decision had to be taken by farmers to do the dredging themselves for future water storage, although they could not complete the task in time.

Thirisangu said if the government had intervened earlier and dredged the lake, it would have been full with monsoon rainwater. He assured once the monsoon season ends, work would begin again. V Rajaram, president, Cauvery Delta Farmers Welfare Association, stated that instead of relying on the government to dredge ponds and lakes in the district, farmers from Musiri, Mahadanapuram and nearby blocks paid Rs 300 to 2500 per acre to dredge canals, ponds and lakes ahead of samba season.

source epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/23621678 

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