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Tiruchi police conduct operation ‘Red Alert’

‘ரெட் அலர்ட் ஆபரேஷன்’ திருச்சி மாநகர் முழுவதும் போலீசார் அதிரடி வாகன சோதனை

An operation code-named ‘Red Alert’ to determine the preparedness of the police machinery in nabbing criminals on the run at short notice was carried out successfully in the city on Wednesday.

Vehicle checks were conducted at 168 points spread across the Cantonment, Golden Rock, Fort and Sri Rangam ranges by special teams totalling 500 personnel to intercept and nab the ‘decoy’ culprits.

Moments after the announcement of the escape of four criminals was made over the mike at 10 a.m., the Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners were on their feet. The ‘criminals’ were nabbed around 11.30 a.m. after which the operation was declared as completed.

Outgoing Commissioner of Police A. Arun said the vehicle checks were conducted lesser than 70 spots until now on receipt of information about the movement of criminals, and the delay in police personnel reaching the spot turned out to be an advantage to the criminals.

Hence, the number of locations for vehicle checks was increased to ensure sealing of all escape routes.

The ‘Red Alert’ experiment was made twice earlier and the loopholes were identified and plugged, he added


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