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Residential colony turns pink with coral vine

The growth and spread of coral vine plants has become conspicuous after the recent spell of rainfall at many locations in the Ponmalai Railway Colony in Tiruchi.

The flowering plant, antigonon leptopus, belonging to the polygonaceae family, has pervaded open spaces in the locality, fostering a green ambience.

The twiner, being drought-resistant, surfaces on vast spaces during the winter months in the locality.

It happens every year.

The thick vegetation of the twiner with pink flowers is allowed to take roots since it has a beautiful appearance, Ghouse Batcha, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, Jamal Mohamed College, said.

There is no utility as such in the weed, but the speciality of the plant is that it survives through the summer months shedding its leaves, Department Head Khalil Ahmed, said.

There is no need for maintenance, though from a distance the vegetation would appear to be manicured, residents of the locality pointed out.


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