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Remove music systems on pvt buses says body

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THE Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Wing hosted a meeting recently in Tiruchy inviting around 50 private bus owners from four districts to insist on them having a valid digital addressable system (DAS) licence. The licence allows buses to have a video or mu-sic system in their vehicles. Failure to comply with the directive would lead to a fine of 12,000 if caught during inspection. Private bus drivers were also advised they should remove music systems before December 15. Sources in the enforcement wing said this rule would soon be applicable across the State. With private buses creating a din as music systems are played in full blast, motorists are distracted. Some of the buses are equipped with surround sound systems and several go to the extent of playing recently released movies, most of which are pirated. According to a senior RTO official, the num
ber of private buses with music systems has slightly decreased but there should be a regular check to keep the situation under control.

A private bus owner in Tiruchy said he played only old movies and songs and not newly released ones. "We do not want to comment on this as this move has been made by the Enforcement Wing. But we only play old movies and songs to keep travellers from gettingbored," he said. M Sekaran, State president of the Air, Rail and Road Travellers Federation (ARARTF), said the move of the Enforcement Wing is welcome as motorists would not face distractions when n, state negotiating traffic. Sekaran ,ARARTF added that earlier, private bus owners as well as dri-ers were given a chance to keep travellers from getting bored, but they did not use the opportunity. "Travellers may get bored owing to this move, but it is better to travel quietly than to be disturbed by loud noise or being unable to answer a phone call," he said

source: Mon, 20 November 2017 WEXPRESS www. readwhere. com/read/c/23855117 

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