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RECycle gives a new lease of life to discarded bicycles at NIT-T

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Abandoned by outgoing students, old unused bicycles were turning scrap in the hostel parking of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Trichy. The share cycle concept initiated by NIT Trichy Resource Recovery Organization (NITTRRO) in the name of RECycle has given life to hundreds of such bicycles preventing them from becoming scrap.
RECycle- the official bicycle share program launched by a section of students, few years ago, has successfully refurbished 225 bicycles and has let them for rent to the be used in the sprawling 800 acre NIT-T campus. The concept was coined by members of Task Force, a student run organisation catering to students' needs.
First year students joining NIT prefer coming along with a bicycle to travel from hostels to student activity center and classrooms. Unable to take the bicycles back, majority of the outgoing students leave their bicycles in the hostel parking, which over time turned scrap.
"The idea was to make students' life easier at the campus, by providing bicycles at affordable price and also promotes entrepreneurship," says final year student S Nirmal Kumar, who is also the president of Task Force. Over 700 used bicycles were identified in the college hostel and almost half of it was damaged beyond recovery. Out of them, we could bring about 225 bicycles on road in the in the first phase, about a past couple of years ago.

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The task force is planning to bring a few hundred bicycles on road in the upcoming months, which are lying idle in the parking lot. These bicycles are not just used by the students but also by the teachers and it would also be rented out to visitors on hourly basis.
V Pakkkiriswamy, a retired teaching faculty from the production engineering department had used it for three months till he retired a few days ago. Terming it to be an extremely satisfying experience, he appreciated the service provided by the RECycle team. "Though I used it for just three months, I was receiving frequent mails and calls asking for my suggestions on the service. Above all, I spent only a few hundreds on the service which would have otherwise cost me a few thousands, if I had to purchase a new bicycle," he said.
"Those availing a two-year subscription are also entitled for free servicing for the whole period, in tie up with the bicycle service centres in the premises," says R Ram, another student member from Task Force. RECycle also promotes bicycling in the campus as a healthy exercise and fitness option, encouraging students towards green transport, added Ram.
While every year 1,000 new bicycles are added in the campus, our aim is to reduce the numbers to zero. While we are two years old, last year outgoing students had donated their bicycles and we expect that to continue in the upcoming years, which would be used for RECycle, said Nirmal.


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