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Puthu Street residents oppose setting up of micro compost unit

உரம் தயாரிக்கும் மையம் அமைக்க எதிர்ப்பு: அதிகாரிகளை முற்றுகையிட்டு பொதுமக்கள் வாக்குவாதம்

Though micro composts have proved to be successful model for effective solid waste management in Trichy, the same has not gone well with a section of residents at Srirangam.
Puthu Street at Srirangam is one among the 9 places earmarked by the city corporation to raise 9 more micro compost units in the city. However, a section of civic body officials, who arrived at the spot to carry preliminary works on Monday morning, had to face stiff resistance from the residents.
Vehemently opposing the move, they sought to move the plant to other location fearing pollution and unhealthy environment in their residential locality. City engineer S Amudhavalli rushed to the spot and carried out talks with the residents, but in vain as they remained firm on their demand seeking relocation of the unit.

There are a total 15 functional micro compost units in the city raised in the past one year. There has been a gradual decline in waste accumulation at Ariyamangalam dumping yard following the introduction of micro compost units.
The mirco-compost is run by employing women self-help groups to collect segregated waste from households and recycle it. While it ensures 100 per cent percent recycling of the waste, it rules out waste getting accumulated at Ariyamangalam, which is the sole dumping facility in Trichy city.
A senior official from the city corporation said that a similar protest was carried by residents at Pookollai in the city, but they dropped their protest following sensitisation. However resident at Puthu Street refused to budge which has prompted officials to look for alterative location for the unit.
Stating that the residents are aware of the benefits of micro compost, Puthu Street resident S Ramesh said that they are only demanding for relocation from residential areas, as it would rule out any possible unhygienic condition.


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