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Now, citizen feedback on SwachhApp

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has allowed the citizens to send their feedback about cleanliness of their respective cities and towns on SwachhApp for the Swachh Survekshan 2018. It will enable the citizens of Tiruchi Corporation, which is taking a number of steps to improve its 2017 ranking from six, to send their feedback on SwachhApp.

As far as Tiruchi Corporation is concerned, 25,530 citizens have downloaded the SwachhApp. At least 50 % of them are said to be actively using the SwachhApp for registering complaints on garbage collection, sanitary operation, roads and others.

Special Officer cum Commissioner, Tiruchi Corporation, N. Ravichandran said that the citizens, who had downloaded SwachhApp, had to update it to enable them to get citizen feedback option on smart phones. The Corporation had been according priority to address the grievances of citizens received on SwachhApp. It had so far received 13,401 complaints. The Corporation had taken steps on 13,345 grievances.

Asking the citizens to send their feedback on SwachhApp, Mr. Ravichandran said that the citizen feedback would play a pivotal role in deciding the ranking. Hence, citizens should utilise the opportunity to register their feedback.


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