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Mukkombu: where have all the joy rides gone?

The Public Works Department (PWD) has sent a proposal to the government, seeking approval for new rates for toy train ride and entry fee for artificial falls at Mukkombu (Upper Anaicut), one of the popular picnic spots in Tiruchi district.

The move has raised hopes that the toy train, which has been in disuse for more than three years, will once again start running.

New rates

As per the provisional rates, which are yet to be ratified by the government, it is ₹10 for each person for taking a jolly ride in the toy train, which is one of the main attractions for children visiting Mukkombu. The entry fee for artificial falls will be ₹20 per person.

“The rates have been fixed by taking into account tourists of all sections of society. We expect a green signal for the proposal soon,” said a senior PWD official.

The toy train has been modified after carrying out repairs and maintenance. Similarly, realignment of rails, which has been laid around the artificial pond, has also been completed. In addition to it, the artificial waterfalls too is back into shape. The amusements are ready to be opened for public use, the official added.

Tiruchi Collector K. Rajamani recently visited Mukkombu to take stock of the infrastructure and facilities for picnickers.

Revenue generation

The park and amusement facilities at Mukkombu, situated about 15 km from the city, attracts about 5,000 visitors on weekends and holidays. It generates about ₹20 lakh to ₹24 lakh revenue by levying entry fee per year. It gets about ₹50,000 a week.

However, picnickers rue over the non-utilisation of the available infrastructure. Although the children enjoy the visit with available facilities such as slides and swings, they are unhappy over the absence of a boat ride. Though the authorities promised to carry out repair and maintenance on various occasions to resume the toy train and boat ride, the promise has not become a reality, picnickers say.

“I am a regular visitor to Mukkombu since 2011. Though there are facilities for toy train and pleasure boat rides, they have been in disuse for several years. The promise of officials to restart the toy train and boat rides remain only on paper. I hope the promise will become a reality at least now,” said J. Dasthahir of Singarathope in Tiruchi, who visited Mukkumbu on last Sunday along with family members.


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