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Much awaited Rail-over-bridge almost complete

AIMED to ease up the traffic mug-ups at the railway crossing at Tiruvanaikovil of Srirangam, the government had planned to construct a rail over bridge (ROB) on the premises. With the bridge moving on to its final stag-es of completion, people are waiting to avert the current long di-version routes. According to an official source, the ROB is expected to be completed and opened for public usage in the beginning of 2018. Since the particular place in Thiruvanaikovil is known to have many traffic bottle-necking in the frequent times. Thus the government had sanctioned about Rs 47 Crore for constructing a new road over bridge (ROB) across the railway track at Periyar Nagar on Thiruvanaikovil Trunk Road in the city in 2011. But the works for constructing the bridge was started off in 2016 only and with a year-long works the ROB is nearing completion.

 With having major distant diversions people are facing difficulties and seeking the bridge to be completed sooner. Speaking to Express, a senior official from the highways department from Tiruchy, said, "With about 80 percent of the works being completed the Thiruvanaikovil ROB is nearing
is final stage construction process. We are expecting to complete the works by March last weeks, and later it shall be opened for public usage. The 1,200 kilometre long bridge was planned to reduce the traffic bottlenecking in the particular area. We have recently placed the central reaper bars in the central portion of the bridge Since it's above a Railway line that is one of the hardest parts. With that be-ing successfully completed, the rest of the construction shall be completed within the next five months." He added that the more than 200 employees including engineers are working for completion of the project. He also stated through the ROB project was sanctioned by the state government in 2011, Construc-tion works began in the middle of 2016.

While speaking, K Kamalesh, a resident from Thiruvanaikovil has stated that due to the prevailing bridge works, most of the people had to take about five to six kilometres diversion from either the Cauvery river bride to take the Oyamari bridge to reach Kollidam bridge to reach Thiruvanaikovil. But if the bridge works are completed and brought to active the travel timing shall be about just a kilometre distance. Thus we are expecting the opening of the bridge.

source : epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/2396733 

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