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Lack of clarity marks NEET coaching plan

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Post-graduate teachers in the region are understandably sceptical about the outcome of the free coaching programme for NEET (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test) planned by the Education Department.

Contrary to their expectations that experienced college teachers will be roped in to conduct coaching in over 400 centres, the department has now indicated that the responsibility for imparting training will be vested on government teachers under the aegis of a project titled ‘Thoduvanam’.

“The department’s intention is to retain identified government school teachers after class hours and during week-ends for imparting the programme at select schools identified block-wise. There is stiff opposition from the teachers'. Even in Tiruchi, the district unit of the Tamil Nadu Post-Graduate Teachers' Association has submitted a petition opposing the move that will require the teachers to work for all seven days of the week,” Association District unit president Venkatesan said.

Another reason for the the PG teachers’apprehension stems from the fact that the programme is starting too late. By the time the training gains momentum, a month will pass by. In December, the students will be pre-occupied with the half-yearly examination. Thereafter, the time will be too short to orient them on the questions based on CBSE pattern, Mr. Venkatesan added.

The school education department had promised to prepare a question bank with 54,000 questions in both Tamil and English with the best teachers.

According to a Government School headmaster, there is no clarity on how the students from deep rural pockets will be brought to select government schools where they will be required to go through online training sessions as well through smart boards.

It will be difficult to expect students from remote areas to attend the training programme after class. The plan to conduct the programme during weekends will also be hampered since the free bus passes are valid only for the week days, a senior teacher in Lalgudi block pointed out.


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