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JMC ties up with Malaysian varsity for global mgmt course

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Signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Binary University, Malaysia on Friday, Jamal Mohamed College (JMC) Trichy said it would offer global management degrees to students by facilitating exchange programmes.
Speaking on the collaboration, executive chairman of Binary University, Joseph Adaikalam, said that the management students from JMC would be able to visit the university in Malaysia for a specific period of their graduation, which would thus help JMC to offer international MBA courses. It was also a cost-effective method for students in Trichy to transform themselves into global graduates as other international management degrees in Europe or other parts of the world would cost a bomb, he said.
Claiming that a short stint in Binary University would help students improve their employability skills and also expose them to global trend, he said that students could either undergo a six-month project or pursue a few weeks of the graduation programme in Malaysia. Students could also collaborate for joint entrepreneurial ventures after their graduation, said Joseph. He added that the Malaysian government promoted entrepreneurial ventures and also provided a conducive atmosphere for entrepreneurial ventures.
"The trend of student exchange programme with global universities is just picking up in India. Many global universities are throwing their students in a global environment, out of their comfort zone, so that students acquire more knowledge. It has become a prerequisite for candidates aiming for global employers," Joseph said. tnn.


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