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Good response to blood donation camp

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At a time when the demand for blood has gone up on account of platelet transfusion to dengue positive patients, students of National Institute of Technology (NIT-T) have demonstrated their social responsibility by donating blood.

Doctors and paramedical staff of the Government Raja Mirasudhar Hospital in Thanjavur, who set up blood donation camp on NIT-T campus recently, were surprised to see good response from students. The eagerness was clear when a large number of students, both boys and girls, teaming up to donate blood when doctors began collecting blood.

The corridor of the hospital in the NIT campus was abuzz with young volunteers and donors, happy to be able to play their part in lending a helping hand to the needy.

The intermittent rain did not dampen the spirit of donors.

They lined up in large numbers and waited patiently until their turn.

“We feel happy to see the excellent response to the camp. The students have shown immense interest in taking part in the social cause,” Mini Shaji Thomas, Director, NIT-T.

She said 150 students had donated blood. Since it had received good response, it had been decided to organise blood donation camp twice a semester.

This would help the poor patients, who were in need of blood, especially dengue positive patients.

Ms. Thomas said the contact phone number and blood group details of the donors were recorded so as to allow them to donate blood on an emergency.

National Service Scheme, NIT hospital and the Students Council of NIT organised the event.


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