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Electrical experts to meet at NIT Tiruchy Nov 24

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The local centre of the Institution of Engineers (India) plans to organise a two-day National Conven-tion of Electrical Engineers on November 24 and 25, at Tiruchy. In a release here on Tuesday, Dr S Dharm-alingam, past chairman, of the local centre of the IEI said that as a part of the convention, a national conference on "Hybrid AC/DC Power Systems for effective utilization of renewable energy" is also arranged. It has been over 100 years since Thomas Edison built the first direct current (DC) electricity supply system on September 4, 1882.

 There-after, many prominent events occurred in the electricity supply industry. The first one, "the war of currents" started in 1888. Thomas Edison and his dc distribution system were on one side, and George Westing house and Nikolal Tesla with the alternating current (AC) system were on another side. The war "ended" in about 1893 when AC won as the dominant power supply medium, he said. A favorable solution is to build a hybrid DC and AC grid at distribution levels, to couple dc sources with DC loads and AC sources with ac loads.

This explains the back-ground of the National Conference on "Hybrid AC/DC Power Systems for effective utilization of renewable energy". Leading organizations like BHEL. Tiruchirappalli and National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli (NIT-T) are closely associated with this event. Experts from vari-ous fields will participate.

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