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Civic body asks over 100 ladies hostels to install incinerators

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The civic body, on Wednesday, asked around 100 ladies hostel in the city to compulsorily install incinerators at their places for effective disposal of used sanitary napkins.
Saying that the same is applicable for college hostels, the corporation commissioner N Ravichandran said that this measure is being taken to prevent damage of underground drainage system. The civic body has been aiming at safe disposal of dry and wet waste by segregated waste collection but, safe disposal of bio waste has remained unattended. This bio waste is otherwise being drained in the sewage by households, turning out to be the primary reason for choking of underground drainage system. About 35 percent of the city is covered under underground sewerage system (UGSS). The core city areas including Srirangam have UGSS.

While there are only two vehicles to attend to the UGSS blocks in the city, choking of drains due to these wastes bring sewage to roads creating unhygienic conditions. The commissioner said the decision has been taken after complaints from residents over unhygienic disposal of used napkins.
The gated communities have already being instructed to install sanitary napkin vending machines and incinerators on their own to ensure that the bio waste is effectively disposed. Apartments mostly have sewage collection well to filter solid wastes before letting out sewage to main sewage line. But residents flush napkins and diapers in the toilet making it a tedious task to clean the collection well.
Installation of incinerator (for safe disposal of used sanitary napkins) was added as a pre-condition to obtain building plan approval by the civic body for gated residential apartments in the city. The step was a first of its kind initiative by civic body to encourage usage of incinerators for safe disposal of bio medical waste.
"Incinerators would cost Rs 25,000 for the hostels and it isn't a burden especially for one time installation. We have given 20 days' time for the installation and most of them have agreed to do so," said the commissioner.


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