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Australian cycle-sharing model on NIT-T campus from February 2018

Unlock: Find the nearest docking station to generate the QR code and unlock the bicycle Ride: The charges will be debited from the wallet added in the mobile application
Dock: After riding, notify the application to find the nearby dock to park the bicycle

COME February 2018, National Institute of Technology-Tiruchy (NIT-T) is to introduce the working style of Melbourne bike sharing programme on its vast cam-pus for faster locomotion. 'Task Force', the institute's team working on the concept, is busy readying a mobile application and system software for this bike sharing programme. NIT-T Task Force, a student -run organisation has been formed for those who could not be a part of the Student Council through elections, but desires to be a part of the administration process. The members of the Task Force aim at making the students convenient on the cam-pus and serve the students' needs. By roping in students' from various departments, the Task Force has now established an information centre in the campus and a central telephone portal has been a set-up as a call centre to take up emergency issues, complaints and information re-quests. The initiative is the brain child of V Sreenivas Reddy, an alumnus of NIT-T. S Nirmal Kumar, president, Task Force said, "We had hosted passport mela and aadhaar mela to help the students on the cam-pus.

The team has also started NIT Tiruchy Resource Recovery Organisation(NITTRRO), a move to reduce the waste being generated at the institute. The initiative followed RECycle, another programme which was implemented in July 2016, through which the bicycles donated by passing out students, are refurbished and distributed back to the students' community on a subscription fee basis for a period of four hours to four years. There are around 250 subscribers for RECycle, as of now Bike-sharing programme: To create an enhanced docking system so as to promote the bicycle sharing concept and to pre-serve the canopy, the Task Force has now decided to goon the lines of Melbourne style of bicycle sharing. The team is now busy developing a prototype of the mo-bile application, exclusively for the programme.

Nirmal said, "Our institution AU for students by students MIT -T Task Force, a student- run organisation has been formed for those who could not be a part of the Student Council through elections, but desires to be a part of the administration process is close to 1,000 acres and cover-ing all locations by foot is not pretty tough." Through the programme, booking can be done through a mobile application, for which a thorough conceptualisation is under process by the Task Force. Once completed, the QR code generated on one's mobile can unlock the available bicycle from the central system in the nearby docking station. Once no-tified through the mobile application, the free slots will be dis-played and the bicycle can be deposited back to the dock. Initially, the user will have to pay Z 100 to 2200 and the amount will be deducted accordingly. The organisation is awaiting funds to develop the prototype, after which the system will be launched. Asked about the knowledge resource of the project, Nirmal felt that it will be double the amount when the con-

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