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Arrive in style for that special moment in life

JAGUAR, a premium luxury car brand, is available for rent for weddings and birthdays, signal-ling the end of the traditional red jaanavasam car in which the bridegroom is ushered into the wedding hall in a procession. A venture of Abirami Driving School and Dream Ccarz, one of the well-known driving schools in the city known for innovative ideas, it is no surprise that the company is offering Jaguar XE, which costs upwards of Rs 53 lakh, . "Premium cars are brought from Chennai and rented out for hourly charges. Many customers wanted me to launch any luxury car and rent it for special occasions.

With Mercedes-Benz becoming common, I chose Jaguar, which is also my favourite", says Poongodi Subramanian, owner of Abirami Driving School and Dream Can. The rentals, inclusive of driver and fuel, start at Rs 6,000 for an hour and go upto Rs 25,000 for four hours. Having launched only recently, the car has already been booked for weddings with other orders pouring in. Most who desire to own luxury cars can now enjoy the sophisticated ride during special occasions. "Luxury cars are unaffordable for many. Many may not want to shell out such large sum of money on a car and end up de-siring for it as a dream car. Clearly, I have bridged that gap", adds Poongodi. Having fulfilled her dream to buy jaguar, Poongodi aims to purchase Rolls Royce in a few years to offer her customers utmost luxury Not just the luxury car rent, Poongodi was the first in Tiruchy to launch training track when she set up one in 2015.

source: epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/23967321 

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