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Ariyamangalam's agonising wait for RoB approach roads

Be it the dumping ground that often goes up Inflames or the Road over Bridge (RoB) with immotorable approach roads, the residents of Ariyamangalam always have some genuine reasons to feel hard done by.
Over the past six years, the approach roads to the NH 67 connecting Trictw and Thanjavur near the RoB have not been laid properly leaving the residents in a fix and the investors visiting SIDCO industrial establishments. Even though the charges given at the tollplaza on the same stretch have seen a hike recently, the half-a-decade-old pending demand for the approach roads still remains a dream for the residents. Ever since the fo-ur-lane of Thanjavur-Tricky section of NH67was completed in 2011, the RoB bypassing rail-way track has been waiting for a proper approach road,

Apart from the residential neighbourhood, the approach road is the only pathway for visitors to enter the SIDCO industrial estate and also to accesthe office of Tricky district tiny and small scale industries association (TIDITSSIA).

The poor condition of the dusttilled road was cited as a real turn-off for any potential investor approaching the TIDITSSIA and SIDCO complex. Though the residents of Ariyamangalam have petitioned the authorities concerned for more than a dozen times now, the-re is no solution yet for their back-trealdng journeys along the approach roads. "Contrary to the quality of NH 67, the hvo stretches of app-mach road on either side of Ariyamangalam RoB stretching for atleast a kilometer have been state of in disrepair for the past six years. Though NHAI recently increased the toll fee for Thanjavur-Trichy   Expressway recently the approach road for our locality has Stalin, resident of Ariyarnangalam said.
► Over the past six years, the approach roads to the NH 67 have not been laid properly
► Though the fares given at the toll plaza on the stretch were hiked, the half-a-decade-old demand for the roads is still a dream
► The poor condition of the dust-filled road was often cited as area turn-offfor any potential investor approaching the TIDITSSIA

When contacted, NHAI offi-cial with Thanjavur project implementation imit(PIU)said
that the contractor assigned have been told to provide the present status of pending work.
"We have asked the contractor to complete the pending works at the earliest," a NHAI official
told TOI.

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