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Fusion concert enthrals audience

Music aficionados of the city were treated to an absorbing trans-global fusion concert by ‘Violin sisters’ M. Lalitha and M. Nandini, on Sunday evening.

Accompanied by Karina Colis from Mexico on the drums, Shashank Venkatesh on the guitar and Shanthakumar on the thavil, the sisters presented a clutch of soulful compositions, blending Indian and Western classical music.

Musical tour

The sisters, who have just returned from a successful musical tour of eight European countries, presented an amalgamation of diverse genres such as Jazz, African music and folk, beginning with their signature number – “Revelation”.

They also rendered a piece, “Thinking of you”, dedicating it to their spiritual guru. The “Brazilian tikka” brought South Indian, Brazilian and Mexican styles together. A rendering of Swamy Dayananda Saraswati’s Bho Shambho and a fast paced “conversation” between the percussionists made for a lively concert.

The event marked the fifth edition of ‘Isai Kaveri’, the annual classical music extravaganza organised by Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Tiruchi


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