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System-generated LDR will be accepted

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With the State Police launching a new online service recently to simplify the process of lodging complaints regarding loss of documents, including driving licence, the Transport Department has instructed its field offices to accept the system generated Lost Document Report (LDR) and issue duplicate driving licences or registration certificates to those seeking them.

The Transport Commissioner has recently sent a communication to all Zonal Joint Transport Commissioners, Deputy Transport Commissioners, Regional Transport Officers and Motor Vehicle Inspectors of Unit Offices across the State in this regard.

As part of e-governance initiative, the Tamil Nadu Police had launched the online facility namely Lost Document Report through its official website on August 30 to enable public lodge complaint regarding loss of documents including driving licence, vehicle registration certificate and passport.

Through the help of the system generated LDR, the complainant could apply for a duplicate document from the department concerned, it was stated.

With the introduction of the new online service, the State Police authorities had requested the Transport Commissioner to give suitable instructions to its officers including the Regional Transport Officers to issue duplicate copy of the document lost based on the system generated LDR.

The LDR issued by the police has a unique number and its genuineness could be verified online by the department issuing the duplicate copy, said the police authorities in their written communication to the Transport Commissioner.

It was also conveyed to the Transport Commissioner that the identity of the complainant could be verified by the issuing authority prior to providing duplicate copy of the lost document.

Official sources told The Hindu that consequent to the State Police authorities request, the Transport Commissioner had instructed all Regional Transport Officers to accept the system generated LDR to issue duplicate driving licence or vehicle registration certificate.

The Regional Transport Officers were also asked not to insist on obtaining certificate from the police station for issue of duplicate driving licence or vehicle registration certificate.

The sources said the Regional Transport Offices in Tiruchi Zone had started accepting the system generated LDR for issuing duplicate driving licence. Duplicate driving licences had already been issued to some complainants seeking it after accepting LDRs from them at Srirangam and Perambalur Regional Transport Offices, they said.

The Tiruchi zone alone accounts for a total number of six Regional Transport Offices including three in Tiruchi district alone – Tiruchi West, Tiruchi East and Srirangam. In addition to this, there are eight Motor Vehicle Inspectors Unit offices in the zone.


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