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Simulating exciting ideas at Google Weekend

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Google Startup Weekend for students at the National Institute of Technology-Tiruchi (NIT-T) witnesed a congregation of designers, coders, and business developers in them raring to don the mantle of entrepreneurs.

For 54 hours, 12 teams kept improvising their ideas under the guidance of Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder of Commonfloor; Muthu Ramalingam, CEO of Hello Leads; and Srinivas Vuppala, Head ISV and Cloud at Sonata Software.

The three-day event since Friday was marked by emergence of ideas like ‘Retila Technologies’ aimed at solving communication problems with real time translation; ‘Techie Helpline’ looking to help budding companies find technical talent; and ‘Lifarm’, an indoor farming solution based on hydroponics.

The winning team for the event named ‘Cocoon’ proposed an attachable shade device focused at the cyclists in the NITT campus.

The winners and participants received valuable insight about incubation opportunities from the CEDI-Sonata Entrepreneurship Fund.

Fruitful interaction

The participants felt that the event was their most productive weekend in college and that they felt energised to face the challenges of entrepreneurship.

On Saturday, the students spent substantial time getting guidance from Dayal Nathan, CEO at energyly.com; Arul Murugan, CEO at Snack experts; Dorai Thodla , Founder at i-Morph; Natasha Lorraine, Co-Founder at The Words Edge; Sunil Varghese, Master Mind at Hevea; Sayeed Ahmed, Sales Lead at KissFlow; and Dinesh Varadaharajan, Vice-President at Orangescape.

The day was spent on customer validation, prototype development, business modelling, and mentor interactions, driving home the corollary between widened perspective of ideas and business repurcussions.


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