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Sewage overflow: Not so ‘smart’ a railway junction

It is not a new phenomenon for the regular passengers — the sight of smelly water flowing on Madurai road at the exit corner of Tiruchi Railway junction.

They invariably take evasive steps from inhaling the stinking smell emanating from the drainage water.

Though the issue has been crying for the attention of officials concerned for so long, it is yet to be resolved, much to the dismay of the passengers.

Locals and shopkeepers say that the issue has been unattended for more than six months inspite of repeated representation to officials of Tiruchi City Corporation and the Divisional Railway Manager office.

It all started when a heavy vehicle damaged a portion of the drainage network that carries the sewage water from the DRM office. The damage, which was smaller, has now become big.

It has eroded the road due to the extensive plying of buses and cars. The recent rain has also played its part in expanding the crater further.

“We are dismayed to see drainage water flowing at the bus stop of Tiruchi Railway junction. At least 30 to 40 members wait to board the buses at any given time. It is unfortunate that it has evaded the attention of the officials concerned,” says H. Ghouse Baig, a civic activist of Crawford in the city.

Shopkeepers say the drainage that carry domestic discharge from the DRM office is not functioning properly. The rain has compounded the issue.

“With improper discharge system, the drainage water stagnates on the road. The bad smell that emanates from the area is tough for us to bear. The passengers also find it difficult to bear the stink,” a shopkeeper said.

Pointing out the extensive usage of road and a large number passengers waiting at the bus stop, he said the officials concerned should study the issue immediately.


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