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Police identify 100 spots for installation of cameras

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Number of fatal accident cases has come down in 2017: Commissioner of Police

The police have forwarded a proposal to the State government for installation of a chain of cameras at various spots here for effective monitoring, Commissioner of Police A. Arun said on Friday.

Tiruchi has been allocated a sum of Rs. 55 lakh under the Nirbhaya Fund for installation of cameras, Mr Arun told reporters here.

The police have identified 100 spots for installation of 162 cameras with the video footages to be monitored in a couple of centralised control rooms.

As per the plan, the cameras would be linked with the master control room and the office of the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), Srirangam, through optic fibre connectivity.

The technical team of the police would review the functioning of the existing cameras installed at various places here.

Replying to a query, he said thrust had been accorded for free registration of cases.

Giving statistics of grave crime cases reported in the city, Mr. Arun said eight murder cases and 57 robbery cases had been reported within the city limits in the current year up to July.

He said the number of fatal accident cases had come down in 2017 as compared to the previous year. A total number of 149 fatal accident cases were reported in 2016, while it was 90 in the current year till date.

“Our target is to reduce the fatal accident cases by 25%,” he said. The police viewed drunken driving, over speeding, cell phone driving and red light jumping as serious traffic-related offences. A total number of 38 accused have been detained under the Goondas Act this year, he said.

Tiruchi has been allocated a sum of Rs. 55 lakh under the Nirbhaya Fund for installation of cameras

A. Arun

Commissioner of Police

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