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NIT-T students record lessons to help visually impaired learn

BEFORE it was a difficult task for V Meenachi to get her study material of competitive examination done, but it is now available with just a push of a but-ton. Thanks to the students of National Institute of Technology-Tiruchy (MIT-T) who visit the District Central Library in the city every Sunday, with a new set of recorded examination mate-rial in English in the form of audio books to ease the visually challenged people in the Braille section of the library.

 The students would also help the visually challenged people to fill in the on-line application forms for the Civil Service, Public Service Commission (PSC) and other competitive examinations. Apart from that, the students help the people with visual disabilities to get Unique Disability ID (UDID) card from the Central Government by applying online, which makes the person eligible to receive benefits from the Government departments. With her elecfrifying speech and unceasing gesture, Meenachi said that she was supported by the set of NIT-T stu-dents every Sunday to perform her duties. "They help me to fill in the examination application for ms and also helped me to apply for a Disability ID card on the website. I had also request-ed them to be my scribe for my examination, which is scheduled for November this year," she added.

 Currently, she is pursuing Ph.D. History and tentative-ly finishing her computer coaching task-by-task in Bharathidasan University (BDU) here. Like Meenakshi, all the people visiting District Central Library is specialised on a certain field where they would pursue master degree or awaiting the examination days. A second-year student in the Production Department, P Sneha is one among the other students visiting the library. She said, "Our seniors had mooted this task of helping the visually challenged people in the library, and we are just leading their path." Sneha explained that her team would take the examination materials from players received with the help from NIT-T students-120 Along with the NIT-T students, the District Central Library Is visited also by the volunteers of Jega Jyot hi Readers Service for Visually Impaired to provide guidance for the visually challenged people in the differently abled section in the library. The library sections to convert it as audio files. That's not all, the team would obtain details from the visually challenged person to apply for UDID card for further benefits from the Government Another student, Anmol Agarwal of Electrical department said that NIT-T had organised a five-day long programme on last December exclusively for the visually challenged people. "We also helped them to get Easy-Reader DAISY player, which can be availed free from the Central Government but needs a lot of information to be filled online," said Anmol.

Pupil-for-Pupil Committee (PPC) of Mechanical Department is one such social service dubs in NIT-T which works apart from the curriculum to reach out education material to the people who are in need of it. About 120 FlexTalk players for the visually challenged people. The institution also conducts 'Daan Utsav' an initiative for the joy of giving week on the first week of October, under the name of 'HumaNITTy'.
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