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Loadmen oppose move to shift Gandhi Market

Loadmen working in Gandhi Market here staged a demonstration in front of the Collectorate on Thursday opposing the move to shift the market to Kallikudi situated away from the city.

The contention of the loadmen was that shifting the Gandhi Market to Kallikudi, about 18 kilometres from the city, would severely hit their livelihood.

They said loadmen and other employees working in wholesale market and various other shops at Gandhi Market resided in the market’s vicinity.

Shifting the market to Kallikudi would make it difficult for the loadmen and other labourers to go for work and return back besides making it difficult for them to take care of their family and children as they would have to stay put in the night hours at the market.

It would also make it difficult for public to go that far to buy vegetables and other items.

The decision to shift the market had been taken without taking the views of labourers, traders and public, according to the Federation of Tiruchi Gandhi Market Loadmen Association.


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