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It was a miraculous escape for the one-year-old child

The rescue of one-year-old Parameswari from the rubble of the collapsed building after eight hours of operation was viewed as nothing short of a miracle by the crowd of onlookers.

For a small duration, the gloomy atmosphere prevailing at the Thanjavur Kula Street in Rockfort area gave away to elation when the kid was rescued by the fire fighters.

Public and other curious onlookers who had assembled near the crash site could not conceal their joy, and even clapped their hands when the infant was rescued. As rescue teams commenced their operation at the crack of dawn, two bodies where found, while four others were rescued. However, the challenge for the fire fighters continued as three more, including a couple and their child were trapped.

The rescue teams focussed on the portion where the family of three had got trapped.

Nearly after eight hours, one-year-old Parameswari was lifted from below the debris.

“The child was found under a concrete slab with an almirah nearby," said Deputy Director, Fire and Rescue Service Sathyanarayanan. Though the child was covered in dust, she showed no sign of panic and there was no visible external injury. Medical teams examined her and then she was rushed to the Government Hospital in an ambulance for further medical attention.

“It is a miracle that the child escaped”, said a beaming Selvi residing next door. However, herparents were found dead.

The child will have to be taken care of by her grandfather, said the officials.


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