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Hotels up prices owing to increased demand; devotees face the heat

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TIRUCHY WITH the Cauvery Mahapushkaram festival entering the fourth consecutive day, and as the river flow starts to increase so are the foot falls. Since most of the hotels here are fully booked, devotees from other States visiting Srirangam are facing difficulties in finding hotels as some hotels are seen ris-ing the price. The Maha Pushkaram which is being celebrated on the banks of Cauvery in Srirangam for the fourth consecutive fourth day. Following the gradual in-crease in the Cauvery flow, the existing number of visitors is expected to rise in the forth coming days. All the hotels in Srirangam are already booked, the certain rise in visitors will cause them to take hotels with high cost but which had lacked basic amenities. Speaking to Express, S Gangadhar, a devotee from Telangana, said, "Following the Cauvery Mahapushkaram, we had planned to book hotels in Srirangam itself, hence doing darshan and rituals in the Cauvery will be much easier for the old members of our family. Thus we attempted to book rooms among earlier, but most of the hotels in Srirangam were seen booked for 10 days in a row Despite have lesser amenities,
we were forced to book rooms in the available hotels near to the festival venue." Further, He alleged that the some of their rel-ative who had booked in later time had to pay more for similar rooms. A manager of a private hotel in Srirangam said, "All the existing rooms in our hotels have been booked by the devotees a month before for participating in the Mahapushkaram. Though we have heard that some of the hotels are taking more price using prevailing demand, we are only taking the normal price for rooms. We have been having clients are seeking spot booking for availing moms but as all the rooms were pre-booked, most of them are left disappointed." Govindhan, one of the organisers of the pushkaram, said that for the fourth consecutive day the devotees visiting Srirangam for taking part in the festival was same in number compared to the first three days. Special poojas and yagas were also held. He added that with the Cauvery starling to flow and as the following days are weekends, number of visitors is expected to increase. Both the police and fire de-partment had arranged adequate safety precautions in the river bank for maintaining the safety of thedevotees.
source: epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/2219 

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