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Govt. hospital plans interface with breast cancer survivors

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The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital has planned to organise an interaction between breast cancer survivors and patients undergoing treatment during October as part of observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM).

There are several cancer patients who had survived and are leading normal life after treatment. The hospital is in the process of reaching out to them.

“We would like to gather at least 30 breast cancer survivors to infuse confidence in the minds of patients undergoing treatment,” radiation oncologist Sofia said.

The hospital has initiated targeted therapy for breast cancer, a costly procedure aimed at protecting healthy cells warranting expenditure of at least Rs. 80,000 per cycle, free of cost.

The number of cycles vary depending on the intensity of affliction. For some, the number of cycles could exceed 10. Targeted therapy would be mostly extended along with chemotherapy to young breast cancer patients, Dr. Sofia said.

Targeted therapy drugs injected into patients target specific genes or proteins causing growth of cancerous cells rapidly.

There is less likelihood for targeted therapies to harm normal and healthy cells when compared to chemotherapy. Right now, patients are being identified for suitability of targeted therapy based on test results of tumour cells, Dr. Sofia said.


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