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Full-fledged cancer centre at MGM government hospital

Image result for cancer dept Mahatma Gandhi memorial government hospital (MGMGH)
Trichy: Cancer treatment will be provided free of cost at the Mahatma Gandhi memorial government hospital (MGMGH) with improved facilities at the institution. Dr G Anitha, dean in-charge, said that patients with any type of cancer, particularly breast cancer, can avail of treatment at the hospital.
"With the improved facilities, equipment, medicine and specialized doctors, the treatment for cancer will now become normal at our hospital. Our team of doctors has succeeded in diagnosing and treating meny cancer patients," dean Anitha told the reporters at a press meet at the hospital here on Wednesday.
It may be recalled that despite being a referral tertiary care hospital in Trichy region, MGM government hospital lacked a proper facility to treat cancer, thus forcing even the poor to depend on the private hospitals.
MGM government hospital has improved its facilities such as fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), hematology, histopathology for diagnosis, and chemotherapy and surgery for treatment.
The department of pathology has so far carried out FNAC on 2,060 patients for breast cancer and lymph nodes from January 1 this year. The tests have been able to detect the breast cancer, cancer in lymph nodes, extra pulmonary TB, blood cancers and cervical cancer.

"We can get the results in an hour from our lab because of the facilities," said Dr N Lalitha Rani.
General surgeon Dr P Rajagopal at MGMGH pointed out the incidences of cancer at a young age. "We have been receiving a lot of cancer cases at our hospital. It has been occurring in younger people also in recent times. We have not been unable to figure out the reason for the incidences of cancer yet, but we can assure that with treatment at an early stage and regular follow-up, anyone can be cured completely," said Dr Rajagopal.
Besides breast cancer, the doctors said that laparoscopic surgery can be performed to treat thyroid cancer, apart from cancer in the colon, rectum, gall bladder, mouth and esophagus.
The hospital has also claimed to have performed targeted therapy to remove the gene which causes the growth of the cancer. Radio therapist Dr Sophia said that they have provided chemotherapy to 192 breast cancer patients. "Chemotherapy is a general treatment post surgery. But targeted therapy through a dose of Transtuzumab will accurately remove the cancerous cell. It will cost around Rs 80,000 in private hospitals, but we give it at free of cost," said Dr Sophia.


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