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Farm operations begin

Farmers in rain-fed areas remain cautiously optimistic

Farmers in many rain-fed areas have begun farm operations following the recent spell of rain over the past couple of weeks.

The recent rains have come as huge relief for farmers, especially for those in the rain-fed areas, who have been worried over the steep decline in the groundwater table due to prolonged drought-like conditions. The rain spells have helped mitigate drinking water scarcity for humans and cattle to a large extent. According to Agriculture Department officials, the rain has also helped farmers take up cultivation in parts of rain-fed areas in the district. “There is brisk agricultural activity and I could see vast expanses of greenery in the rain-fed areas over the past few days,” S. M. Uduman Mohideen, Joint Director of Agriculture, told The Hindu .

As per the data made available by the department sources, maize has been raised on about 11,650 hectares (ha) in the rain-fed areas of the district so far this season. Last year, the crop was raised on about 12,700 ha and officials expect the coverage to exceed this figure this year. Similarly, the area under cotton is also expected to be more than last year’s coverage of 6,100 ha. So far, 5,390 ha have been brought under the crop in the rain-fed areas. Groundnut has been raised on about 5,150 ha so far against last year’s coverage of 7,130 ha.

Rainfall data furnished by the department show that the district has received more than the normal average during the South West monsoon. The district has received 288.09 mm of rainfall from June 1 to September 14 against the normal average of 221.74 mm for the same period, Agriculture Department officials said.

However, farmers, who are yet to come out of the impact of the drought-like conditions, say that the rains though widespread have still not been adequate and continue to remain cautiously optimistic.

“The rain has not been heavy enough to increase the water availability in open wells. Many farmers in Manapparai area are keeping their fingers crossed, apprehensive of possible losses, if the rainfall was not adequate to sustain the full crop,” said Renganathan (60), a farmer of Manapparai. He also feels that several farmers do not have money at hand to go in for cultivation as they could not raise any crop due to the drought conditions over the past few years.
Source: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-tamilnadu/farm-operations-begin/article19702232.ece

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