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CM’s health insurance scheme extended to all govt hosps in dist

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People from rural Trichy won’t have to travel to the city any longer to receive quality treatment at private hospitals empanelled under the Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme (CMCHIS) as it has been extended to all 10 government hospitals in the district.

The government hospitals at Thuraiyur, Thottiam, Manachanallur, Omandur, Thuvarankurichi and Thuvakudi were brought under the scheme recently. The District Headquarters’ Hospital at Manapparai and the government hospitals at Srirangam, Manapparai and Lalgudi had already been brought under CMCHIS.

“The empanellment of all 10 government hospitals under CMCHIS will enable poor people receive quality treatment in the specialized wards. They need not depend on empanelled private hospitals in the city,” said joint director of health services (JDHS), Trichy Dr S Samsath Begum.

Manaparai and Srirangam GHs have already been equipped with 30 bedded wards exclusively for treating patients under CMCHIS whereas the other eight hospitals now have 10 beds each.

“To start with, we keep the patients under the insurance scheme in a separate area inside the hospitals. We will bring in exclusive facilities later,” said JD Samsath Begum.

MGM government hospital has an exclusive ward number 500 for treating the patients under the scheme.

All empanelled hospitals will have to get entry level certificate to have standard quality assurance treatment for the public. Besides some additional care to the patients under the scheme, the patient have an advantage of receiving treatment for orthopaedics, gynaecology, poison treatment, paediatric resuscitation, hearing aid, hip, knee replacement, appendicitis, gall bladder removal.

The scheme also enables the hospitals to hire doctors if they are not available in their hospitals and also to procure special drugs and investigation. Any disease listed by CMCHIS can be treated by hiring resource persons from outside.

The CMCHIS scheme can bring a windfall to government hospitals through the claim given by the insurance company. The hospitals have been asked by the government to use the fund to improve the facilities and procure costly equipment and medicines


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