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Bizmen sensitised to new investment portal

OVER 50 stakeholders from across the central region of Tamil Nadu provided their opinions on the draft of the Tamil Nadu Business Facilitation Act 2017 during a discussion held at the district collectorate on Monday. The State is a continued favoured destination for industries and has a well-established reputation based on investment by global majors in diverse sectors.

Tamil Nadu is ensuring adequate information is available to investors, enabling them to make informed decisions and to ensure single-point receipt of applications for securing clearances. Thus, draft rules were constituted before launching a Web portal exclusively for investors and stakeholders in the State.
The meeting here on Monday gave stakeholders insights on what the website is all about and how it is managed by the user interface entity. A team from Deloitte India gave a brief description to the audience about the usage and pattern of using the website and its benefits. The website will pave the way for investors to register in-formation, as the portal will enable them to understand how to do business and the single-window system process.

The single-window portal accepts and electronically transfers applications to the respective authorities. The portal will also be integrated with online systems of individual competent authorities to enable the seamless exchange of information, said the draft rules in the Act. For the convenience of investors, the draft document is available online.

Link: http://www.investingintamilnadu.com/tamilnadu/act-rules.php

source: epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/22257957 

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