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Varma clinic at MGMGH campus soon

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 Varma therapy would soon be a cost-free affair for Trichiites as the Indian medicine and homeopathy department is likely to start varma clinic inside the campus of Mahatma Gandhi memorial government hospital (MGMGH) shortly.
Being the first-of-its-kind clinic in the government sector in the district, the centre would be functioning in the siddha block inside MGMGH. An ayurvedha doctor trained specially in medical varmalogy or varma therapy will take care of the treatment two days a week — Tuesday and Thursday — on appointments.

"Aiming to bring all aspects of the Indian system to the people, we are now going to start varma therapy. An ayurvedha doctor serving in our department has been deputed to take care of the clinic twice a week. The doctor has been trained to provide the therapy," district siddha medical officer (DSMO) Dr S Kamaraj told TOI on Thursday.
The department has listed various diseases for which they claimed to provide cure through varma therapy. They have particularly promised to provide complete cure for pain-related problems in the body. "Varmam which lies as an energy in the body prevents diseases and cures them if activated. The disease occurs when there is a change in the varmam points. Our treatment will be based on the method of activating the varmam points in the body from head to toe by touching them," said varma and ayurvedha consultant Dr Merlin Dora.
Claiming that varma treatment will be effective for PCOD, neck pain, cervical spondylosis, lumbar pain and osteo arthritis, Dr Merlin said that they could cure any type of pain without pain killers besides giving the best relief to diabetics.
Commonly, varma art is known as a self defence being taught by trainers in several places. In some places, some people claiming to be varma therapists have been treating people. Doctors have been advising people to be careful while going for varma therapy in such clinics. "Qualified persons only can provide varma therapy or it would have adverse effect on the body. Hence, it is better to verify the qualification of such persons," said DSMO Dr Kamaraj. The varma clinic at MGMGH is expected to be inaugurated in the first week of August with treatment to be provided based on prior appointments.


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