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Too little, too late; rain fails to bring cheer to Tiruchi

Though the current spell of rain has brought down the temperature, farmers and agricultural officers have expressed dismay over the pattern of rainfall in the district.

On an average, the district receives 788 mm of rain in a year. It receives a normal rainfall of 200 mm during the Southwest monsoon and 427 during the Northeast. The district should have received 193 mm from January to August 30. But it received only 163 mm, a shortage of 30 mm.

After a long gap, several parts of the district received good rain on Sunday and Monday. It recorded an average of 14.74 mm during the 24 hours that ended on Monday morning.

However, agricultural officials said the rain was scattered and limited to a few parts.

Tiruchi town and Vathalai Anaicut experienced a maximum rainfall of 86 mm and 76 mm respectively. Except for the two areas, other rain gauge stations in the district received nil to moderate rain.

There was not much rain in Musiri, Lalgudi, Manapparai, Marungapuri, Thathaiyangarpettai, Ponnaniyar dam. among other places.

On Monday, Samayapuram, Kovilpatti and Thuvakudi received good to moderate rain from 52 to 36 mm. All other 22 rain gauge stations across the district recorded minuscule rain.

“Since January, we have recorded just four rainy days. Moreover, the rain was limited to a few parts. Many parts of the district are still void of rain,” said a senior agricultural officer.

While the current rain has certainly brought down the temperature, it is not sufficient to save the perennial crops and recharge ground water in most parts of the district, officials said.


However, the neighbouring Thanjavur district received good rain on Tuesday. It received an average rainfall of 28.99 mm up to the 24 hours that ended at 8.30 am on Tuesday.

Vettikadu recorded a maximum of 131 mm rain, followed by Neivasal Thenpathi and Peravurani with 67 and 65 mm respectively. Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Adirampattinam, Pattukottai, Grand Anaicut, Echanviduthi and Vallam also received good rain.


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