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Image result for trichy sand quarrySand lorry owners have urged the Tamil Nadu government to drop its move to develop sand depots alone one stretch bordering Tiruchy and Namakkal districts as it may affect their revenues. Speaking to Journalists after addressing a meeting for members of Lorry Owners Association, its president Sella Rasamani said that the ruling AIADMK party men, under the pretext of a directive from the Public Works Depar-tment (PWD), have set up a depot against norms near Meikalnayakkanpatty bordering Namakkal and Tiruchy districts. Huge quantity of sa-nd has been stored in the depots spread over an area of ten acres. "Such secondary sale
of sand will cause revenue loss for the government. Further, if the sand is supplied through such depots, then there will be a delay in supply to lorry owners from quarries. It will then push up sand prices and in turn affect the livelihood of lorry owners,"he said. Mr Rasamani urged the State government to seize the sand stored in the depot at Meikalnayakkanpatty and also threatened to protest by picketing the depot, if it was not closed down. Currently the lorries had to wait for up to ten days to get sand from quarries. While the demand for sand in Tamil Nadu is 30,000 loads per day, the lorry owners said that they receive supply orders Just 8,000 loads. The prices of sand may reduce by half, if this increased to 15,000 loads per day, he said.

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